Can I Use A Gaming PC For Normal Use

I going through gaming forums and saw this was a common question a lot of people have about gaming computers.  It is a reasonable question since it seems gaming computers are very specialized for their task.  It is not uncommon to wonder if such a specialized computer can do simple things like word processing, or just simply web surfing.

A gaming computer can do anything a regular computer can do and sometimes better.  What makes up your regular computer are the same components your normal computer has they are just higher end that is the main difference.

Think of your normal computer as a small compact car.  It has a cheap 4 cylinder engine and very bare bones options.  A gaming computer can be as extravagant as your expensive Lamborghini Sports car.  Both will get you from point A to B but one does it better, faster and with style.

What Makes The difference

All the parts are there even the graphics processor just more scaled down.  The GPU is normally integrated into the CPU and it does not have a dedicated graphics card.  Also the CPU will be on the lower end.  It may only have 2 cores or tops 4 cores to work with.  I have even seen some with 3 cores and that floored me.  These CPU cores have one core that died in the process of making them so they locked out the core and sold it as a 3 core.

The CPU being scaled down will be a less expensive and slower core that processes slower than the blazing speeds as something like an I7 or an I9. Normally they will have a simple I3 or I5 tops in their consumer PC’s.

The RAM will be way less than most gaming computers with normally the max being 8 gigs tops where as some gaming computer go all the way up to 32 or sometimes 128 gigs with 8 gigs being the least amount they will normally go down to.  That and the frequency or speed of the RAM will be much slower.

The power supply will be of a higher wattage since it will have to run much more components and most gaming components will require more power to function.  This leads to more heat so most of the time gaming computers will have way more fans and make more noise due to this.  This is not always the case since there are quieter fans, but these cost.

The gaming computer will also be bigger since with more components and the need for better air flow it will require the computer to be much bigger.

Best Tool For The Job

Much like the car analogy this one is very similar if all you need is a fuel efficient car to get you from point A to B that wont cost much then the compact car is the way to go, but if you want to turn heads and get from point A to B in style and speed then go for the Lamborghini if you can afford it.

Gaming computers can be very extravagant and they can be very fast they can do everything a regular computer can do just faster and more efficiently.  They will not slow down as often and they will do things faster.  With all that said they will cost more so there is always a trade off.

They will have a higher use cost since they use more electricity and they will have more heat meaning they will heat up an area more than a small little computer will.

If all you need to do is word processing and web browsing than get a small little consumer computer and enjoy.  If instead you want to do any gaming then these do not work for your needs and you will need to invest more money into a gaming computer that can do word processing, web browsing, complex number crunching, video editing, and gaming.

Speaking of cheap work computers I just discovered there are small computers that are small I mean really small like the size of two decks of cards put together some even smaller.  I would not have believed it if I had not stumbled upon them. (These are not affiliate links I just thought they were very cool, though gaming would not be an option.)

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