Can I Transfer Epic Games To Steam?

The short answer is no. You bought the licence from Epic and that is where you must play it from. The main reason is that Epic and Steam and many other platforms use DRM that is specific to their stores so if you try and play the game without their store you can’t.

You Are Just Renting Your Game

The terms of service for most digital products are very shady. Most of them state that they can pull you liscence to any given product you paid for at any time and they do not owe you a refund or an explanation.

Whats worse is you can lose your entire library as well if you break their terms of service or if they just one day go under. I covered this in detail in my article “What Happens To My Games If Steam Shuts Down?” With Epic it gets worse, they are not as long established as Steam and may not be able to win the war they are waging. That and they are spending money to see little returns on their investment just to get exclusive titles. So if they go under your games may go with it.

This is why I am against digital licenses mainly because I don’t own games at all. I have an entire library of games that I spent hard earned money on and one day it could all just disappear. That disturbs me especially since I have tons of games that I have yet to play.

What Can Be Done

Well there is one service out there that is very pro consumer and I love them for it. They are GOG (Good Old Games) they started out as a business that was dedicated to bringing back old titles. Then they got into the new games business as well and started producing their own games. They are responsible for the Witcher series and they are making Cyber Punk 2077 as well.

Now Why do I love them so well they are DRM free Completely. Any game you buy from them is DRM free you don’t have to worry about logging into GOG Galaxy 2.0 or anything to play the game you own. Whats more is you can transfer a game from them you bought to any other computer.

Now because they are DRM free this means their storefront is smaller than their competition because not all software developers want their code out in the open like that, but I like this standard since it means I own my game and can never have it taken away from me.

GOG also just implemented an unheard of refund policy as well in the form of a 30 day money back guarantee. This is unheard of Steam the leader of the gaming industry only offers 2 weeks and with the caveat that you only have played 2 hours.

If You Must Play Epic Games Through Steam

Now Steam offers integration for most games but this just means you get your library under one roof not that you can ditch the Epic Game Launcher. You can find any game on your computer and have Steam recognize it and launch it through their launcher which then launches the Epic Game Launcher as well.

This feature has been around for years now and they always make sure you know that they do not offer support for the game if you need it since you did not buy it through them.

GOG also offers this feature in their GOG Galaxy 2.0 Their GOG Galaxy 2.0 is far more robust than even Steam. It can search out all your game libraries and pull them in under one software. Also it has the feature of only launching other game launchers once you have selected a game to play. Then once the game is closed so is the launcher all in the back end without you knowing. Unless there is an update to the game then you know.

In Conclusion

Be wary of who you give your money to for digital products. You do not own them for the most part. Sadly they are the future, but know that you are only renting your product and one day you may loose that product.

If you have any comments I would love to hear what you have to say so leave a comment.

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